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Rhye: "Open" (SOHN Remix) Premiere

Rhye made a track so good that they're re-releasing it. We've got the exclusive remix.
April 6, 2013, 9:00am

You’ve all heard of Rhye, right? They’re the type of band that probably frequent the fabulously decadent fantasies of Pitchfork journalists. Yet they retain enough soulfully dulcet tones to appeal to just about anybody who has a heart and a penchant for intimately mesmerising music.

Their first audio gift to the world came in the form of “Open”, a track so spellbindingly brilliant that they’re choosing to re-release it. But because there’d be no point in showing you a track that’s already been out for over a year, we’ve got the exclusive on the remix by Sohn. So, go light some candles and lie down on the sofa and soak into the elegant partnership of Rhye and Sohn as they flourish between intimacy and quiet desperation.