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Toronto Artist Pyrex's "Make It" Is a Powerful Reflection of Life in Rexdale

"My cell's so cold, but the streets colder."
June 15, 2016, 3:43pm

Young rapper/singer Pyrex has returned with a new song and video called "Make It." It's a deeply thoughtful reflection of having friends incarcerated and the life that leads to that kind of separation. "My cell's so cold, but the streets colder," sings Pyrex over a pensive, gently chugging beat from producers Batista and 6.18. The video chronicles and communicates the distance between an imprisoned convict and his family at home while showcasing the scenery of Pyrex's native Rexdale neighbourhood. His light voice is expressive and grants appropriate weight to the regret he sings about, making this song one of the most notable hood elegies the current generation of Toronto has produced. Watch and listen to "Make It" below.

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