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Winnipeg's The Lytics Explore The Less Travelled Side of Tokyo with "Friction"

The rap group wants you to see the other side of "The Land of The Rising Sun."

Photo courtesy of Vision Music

Tokyo is a fun and strange mix of technology and tradition but The Lytics wants to show a contrastive side of the densely packed, culture-filled city for their video "Friction." Between shots of cruddy alleyways, subway rides, and grungy arcades, the four piece Winnipeg rap group takes turns exchanging flows over an old school backpack beat. All while shining a new perspective on "The Land of The Rising Sun."

"'Friction' is basically us navigating through the 'Tokyo-less-travelled,'" The Lytics explains. "Moving away from the super-cityscapes, advanced tech and colourful cosplay associated within the crowded capital we wanted to explore the less exposed and mundane everyday life of the city." Watch the video below.

Byron Yan is a writer from Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.