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We Are Premiering the New Turquoise Jeep Music Video Because We Love You and Want You to Be Happy

It is called "Return the Favor," and yes, it is about cunnilingus.
April 8, 2014, 4:50pm

Since they appeared in 2010, Smanging across YouTube while advising against cooch contusions, Turquoise Jeep have played the role as R&B’s put-upon sex freak everymen. They like to get nasty, and often can only express that via food metaphors, whether that’s eggs, chocolate, pie, yogurt, or breakfast foods.

Their sophomore album, Existing Musical Beings, finds the Jeep devoting multiple songs to bedroom reciprocity, from ignoring skin dryness (“Nasty While I’m Ashy”) to how spending money and it being your birthday doesn’t always lead to the sexual deliverance you had hoped (“U Gotta Work!” and “Three Is Not A Crowd,” respectively). The album’s centerpiece ode to oral equality, “Return the Favor,” just got a video, and it tackles a subject near and dear to the group’s heart, as group mastermind Flynt Flossy told us.

"If I'mma go straight Pac Man on that thang, she should return the favor,” he said. “It's a new age! Feel me baby? It's 2014 and they're still people out there who say ‘I don't do that.’ What!? Preposterous, baby! Straight preposterous! You KNOW we had to make a song about it."

The video for “Return the Favor” is an instant classic in the Jeep oeuvre, with POV under-the-blanket shots, Flynt Flossy rapping in a fur coat in a seemingly post-apocalyptic Turquoise Jeep-themed strip mall, interstellar space travel as an orgasm, Yung Humma rap squatting while dressed as Bray Wyatt, and gratuitous couch sex.

Turquoise Jeep are on tour till next month. See them do this live. We did, and it made us believe in the internet again.