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Here's Megafauna's New Tune "Haunted Factory"

        MEGAFAUNA LIVE: 02/15  Austin, TX @ Stubb’s 02/28  Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's

Can we talk about riffs guys? Where have all the riffs gone in indie rock? Why is everyone slathering twinkly synths all over everything? Maybe it's because Austin's Megafauna have stolen all the gnarly riffs in the world and slammed them together with singer/guitarist Dani Neff's off-kilter vocals, delivered together with a raw punk energy to create a three minutes of taut, muscular, yet zingily melodic rock. Special shout out to that burly bass coming to the fore at 2.09.


The trio's LP, Maximalist, is out via Danimal Kingdom on 4/15.

Megafauna Tour Dates:

02/15 - Austin, TX - Stubb’s

02/28 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's