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Voice Coils' "In Sixths" Is a Glorious Web of Brainiac Experi-metal

Get tangled up in some angelic fuckery.
September 4, 2014, 2:06pm

Photo credit: David Medina

From the warped otherworld of composer savant Sam Garrett comes Voice Coils, a mangled, brainiac experi-metal ensemble whose cerebrally deep complexities will confound minds as needle hits wax on its debut seven-inch slab due September 9 via the Shatter Your Leaves label.

Garrett, formerly of Baltimore grungetastic rippers, Roomrunner—the polar opposite to Voice Coils’ angelic fuckery—corralled his fellow Brooklyn DIY eclectics to express his klassi-kill vision, his collective melding chunks culled from their current and former bands into “In Sixths” and its flipside, “Field and Border.” With a membership that has done time in Extra Life, Cellular Chaos, Epistasis, Porches, Skeletons, Feast of the Epiphany and Couch Slut, there’s a naturally knotted fusion of folk and prog wizardry and tech-metal dizziness found in Voice Coils’ ecstatic and lush synth-sprinkled creature, highlighted by the divine stylings of singer Mitski Miyawaki. Here, we premiere the gorgeously popcentric coilage of “In Sixths.” Get tangled in its glorious web.