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Headhunter: The Five Trends from the Summer Festivals

We sent a couple of college kids—Tate Gregor and Daryl Oh—to a bunch of festivals this summer to find out what people were wearing and what they were doing with their hair.

Earlier this year Noisey and Garnier Fructis traveled to colleges across the country in a big bus, holding open auditions to find one guy and one girl to host a new segment called Headhunter. After an extensive search we found 21-year-old Daryl Oh, a photography student at Tisch School of Arts, and 20-year-old Tate Gregor, a music technology student at NYU Steinhardt. (If you want more about them, you can read an interview with them here.) The idea was we'd pluck Daryl and Tate from their collegiate lives and send them to music festivals throughout the summer.


Their mission was to have fun, but they were also tasked with documenting what people were wearing and what they were doing with their hair this summer festival season. Daryl and Tate traveled from Bonnaroo in Tennessee, to Firefly in Delaware, to Lollapalooza in Illinois, and these were the five dominant trends they uncovered during the summer of 2013.

To see more of festival fashion and hairstyles from all the festivals click here.

Oh, and one more thing. After spending all that time hanging out in fields with stylish, but often sweaty festival goers, we decided it would be nice to give away some sweet goodie bags of Garnier Fructis. So you can have clean and shiny hair. To win all you have to do is watch the video above and answer this question: What band did Daryl and Tate interview? Answers to; put HEADHUNTER in the subject.

Intro and outro track: “My Friends Never Die” by Odesza from the My Friends Never Die EP out September 17.

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