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People Are Making Their Own Version of Spock's Harp from 'Star Trek'

Which is great, if you are a nerd.

Part of the conventional wisdom of harps is that they’re lame as shit. They’re ponderous, expensive, and super hard to play. Meaning that anyone who’s going to try to take enough time to get really good at playing one is probably a lame-ass who’s not gonna write any cool songs on it. In fact, the only good songs that have incorporated a harp in the history of recorded music are Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work,Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves,” De La Soul’s “Plug Tunin’,” and any song Harpo Marx ever played on the harp.


Oh, and the above awesomely awesome clip of Spock from Star Trek playing this weird Vulcan harp thing. If you don’t remember, Spock’s hidden talent was that he could play the shit out of the harp, which makes sense because he’s Spock. According to canon, Spock once came in second in a Vulcan harp-playing contest to his dad, which would have said something about Spock’s emotional state if Vulcans had had emotions. Anyways, the Vulcan Harp is a real thing in that nerds have made IRL playable versions of this. Here’s a good Star Trek forum posting about how to make one, but here’s the gist: carve, whittle, string, until you get: