This story is over 5 years old.

Fresh From Premiering Over at the Tate Britain, Here's Kojey Radical's "Open Hand"

"Open Hand" is one of the most confident and stark visuals we've seen in a minute.

See that flyer above? That's for Kojey Radical's latest video "Open Hand", an artistic project that hit the mark so high it was first aired over at the prestigious Tate Britain gallery to what was reported to be unanimous praise.

"Open Hand" itself is about the internal struggle between status and power and boy, does the video cut deep. We're introduced to Kojey crouching, his hands shackled, as he breathes deeply into a passionate and aggressive performance that tackles ideas of social seperation through both race and class. There's a lot to take in, obviously. But if one thing's for sure, "Open Hand" is one of the most stark, confident, and engimatic visuals to speak on today's social climate. Watch below: