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Stream an Unreleased Track From Grace Jones's 'Nightclubbing' Sessions

Look for the reissue on April 28th featuring "If You Want To Be My Lover"
April 11, 2014, 1:45pm

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Grace Jones

's absolute masterpiece, will be reissued on April 28th on Island Records in a dozen, more or less, formats (CD, double CD, double vinyl, digital and Blu-Ray) with a handful of unreleased tracks. The tracks include "If You Want To Be My Lover," which is available here to stream for the first time.

Please note a 12" of the track "Nightclubbing" (which is an Iggy Pop cover) will be out on April 19th for Record Store Day. It features an unreleased cover of Gary Numan's "Me! Disconnect From You."