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Boys Noize On Boobs And Blunts

We harassed the Berlin DJ and producer about breasts, blunts and bad jokes.
October 8, 2012, 10:00am

Once we'd established that his new album Out Of The Black isn't about clinical depression, I managed to get some lulz out Berlin based Alex Ridha, of Boys Noize notoriety. Though he argued that he had no sense of humor, we got to discuss the finer points of life as a superstar DJ and producer, like meeting Snoop's personal blunt roller, having his shit stolen mid DJ set and signing boobs .

Noisey: Your new album’s out soon, fancy breaking it down for me?


Boyz Noize: Sure. It’s called Out Of The Black, it’s my third album, I’m releasing it worldwide on my own label, BoysNoize Records, and I’d say it’s a good mix of my first and second.

Right on. Will it help to cure depression, hence the name? Or is it about getting out of credit card debt?

Erm, music is always really good for depression, even if you hear some really dark music. Honestly, it was more coming out of a twist on the saying “out of the blue”. I dunno, it just sounds cool.

Yes, yes it does. How was working with Skrillex?

It was fun. He came to my studio and crashed at my place for a couple of days, which was good. He’s a really talented producer, I have to say. Some of his stuff is sometimes I bit too poppy for me, but as a producer I think he's very talented and very quick.

Did he ever say “wub, wub, wub” to you?

Yeah, it’s the only way he can talk. When he wants to eats something it’s all “wubwubwub”.

HA! And you’ve been doing stuff with Snoop too right? How was that?

He's a funny guy.

What did you get up to?

You know he’s got a guy who rolls his joints all day? That’s his only job.

A PERSONAL BLUNT ROLLER? Does he ever get to smoke them, or just roll and leave?

[Laughs] He might get a chance to light them sometimes.

Did you ever watch that Snoop Dogg porno?

I did, I thought it was awesome. I was 15 and I didn’t have a PC at the time, but my friend had a computer so he had all those type of porns and stuff, especially ALL the gangsta ones.


Did you watch it together or one at a time?

Erm, together, yes.

Did it ever come up in conversation with Snoop?


Damn! What's the deal with Lady Gaga too, were you working with her?

No, I turned down supporting her live show. I’d like her if she jumped on my music and said that I’m awesome.

How comes you said no?

It just didn’t make sense. Or for Madonna, or whatever weird things I get asked to do. I think generally it doesn’t give you a big promotional boost like everyone says, because kids who go to a Lady Gaga show don’t really care about what’s going on onstage before she comes on.

I can imagine. You’re doing stuff with Peaches too right? I always thought the advice in “Fuck The Pain Away” would just lead to more deep-set issues?

I think it depends on the person, I guess it can work both ways. After a big fight, a fuck is always good. Then the pain goes away and heals. But if you’re a person that’s addicted to that shit then it’ll be a problem. Any addiction is a problem.

Do you have any?

Haaaa, erm, crisps and chocolate?

Any worse vices?

I can’t really clean up dishes and stuff like that.

You got people to do that for you?


You should get someone to roll your weed as well!

I wouldn’t do that…Actually I would! Because I’m allergic to the weed, when I touch it my eyes start to itch.


It’s OK, I can still smoke it.

But never roll?

I'd have to do a rolling lesson first 'cos, like my music, it has to be right.


HA! Any other drugs of choice?

Hard drugs? I don’t really take drugs.

Do you come into contact with it a lot?

When I was 16 I was DJing and everyone behind me was taking cocaine. That turned me off. I take ecstasy sometimes, it's fun, but not too often. Maybe once every few years.

Me too, as a treat. Does your music encourage drug use?

What music doesn’t?

True. Otherwise you set out to make your music quite positive?

I don’t know, it’s very subjective. Generally yes, I want to make the people happy for sure.

Understandable. Do you see much weird stuff during your gigs?

One time I was stage diving and had my shoe stolen. So I had to go back and DJ with one shoe. Afterwards I traded my one shoe for two really fucked up, dirty, muddy, smelly shit shoes, because it was rainy and I had to walk and not get sick.

At least they didn’t steal your trousers?

Trousers would've been impossible.

Anything else?

Signing boobs, the regular stuff.

Yeah, sounds really boring…

HA! Well, I am very excited by breasts.

What’s your technique? One each or over both breasts?

One, but you have to hold it, make sure it sticks on. And you have to be gentle.

How about male breasts?


Even a really alluring pair?

I’d suggest doing it on their t-shirt…


I’m very selective.

Fair enough. Lastly, have you ever gone fishing and been tempted to do a “drop the bass” joke?

HA! I really want to learn fishing in Brazil one day, so I can make an amazing meal. A “drop the bass joke”?! I’m German, you know, Germans are not funny.

'Out Of The Black' is out today via BoysNoize.

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