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Is Lil B's "No Black Person Is Ugly" the Most Powerful Song of the Decade?

It just might be.
July 30, 2014, 7:50pm

No, this isn't Upworthy, and yes, we 100 percent mean that headline. Lil B dropped another rare audiovisual experience for the true music heads, off of his forthcoming mixtape, the amazingly-titled Ultimate Bitch. Based God poses with the cops, preaches with legendary levels of positivity, and stands up for the importance of sexual consent—"Stand up against rape / No means no / Clean up the streets," he raps. It's revolutionary, just like Lil B himself.

The ultimate paradox of Lil B is that if every two years he dropped an hour's worth of material as flat-out incredible as "No Black Person Is Ugly"—which, if you follow Lil B, you how he's more than capable of—he could legitimately be the biggest rapper alive, but if he recorded every single thought that ran through his head, he wouldn't be Lil B. As Lil B once wrote in the YouTube description for the underappreciated ambient classic "Dangerous Minds 2010":

This is what dangerous minds sounds like, this is what happens when you are forced to mix your roots together and mix the conscious mind with the unconscious mind.



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