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PEARS Are Your New Favorite NOLA Punk Band

And also a delicious fruit, but also a band.
July 22, 2014, 3:45pm

We don’t know all that much about New Orleans’ PEARS. All we know is:

1. They’re from New Orleans.
2. They’re called PEARS.
3. They’ve just dropped the above video on us and it rips pretty hard.

From what we gather, PEARS are a bunch of slacker NOLA dudes playing some seriously ferocious no-bullshit punk. With all the garbage bands out there trying to revive 90s alterna-rock nostalgia or replicate some other musical trend that was lame 20 years ago, it’s nice to hear a band remind you that tearing it up never goes out of style.

PEARS haven’t even been around for a year but have already managed to catch the attention of Off With Their Heads’ Ryan Young who will putting out their LP Go to Prison on September 30. You can pre-order the album plus some sweet t-shirts and stuff right here. Check out the video for "Breakfast" above.