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Niia Turned Future Islands' "Seasons" Into A Sex Jam

Niia's "Seasons" makeover will make you want to take your clothes off. (Only advisable in a hot country.)
March 2, 2015, 8:39pm

Sometimes the best part of your entire week is a Soundcloud discovery that you listen to 10 times in a row and then send to every person you know. This happened to me a few months ago when Niia released "Body," which I'm pretty sure is the best song to get dressed to in the morning (and has some serious Rhye vibes). So you could imagine my excitement when I found a recording of Niia covering Future Islands' "Seasons"—arguably the best song of 2014. The live (and surprisingly very clear) recording is from a Yours Truly x Hit City USA's "A Sunday Kind of Love" session held upstairs at The Ace Hotel in LA, a.k.a. holy shit I am so jealous why wasn't I there, help-I-am-so-cold.


Anyway, Niia gives "Seasons" a sexy makeover that will make you want to take your clothes off immediately. Listen below and please only get naked if you're somewhere warm, because, you know, frostbite.