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PREMIERE: Earring Makes Post-Rock and Reality Weird in "Black Chalk"

Post-punk psychedelia taking you to new dimensions.

You ever lie on your couch and wonder what would happen if your apartment was going to melt? The walls and furniture all mixing together in some weird gooey mess, people from across the hall dipping in and out of everything. You know, general reality ending stuff. You'll mostly think of it after watching Earring's new video for "Black Chalk."

Earring is a duo from Chicago that play post-punk with incredibly thick guitars. The song "Black Chalk" features guitars continuously cycling into themselves, creating a layer of droney strangeness that still manages to be poppy. The visual component directed by Jenna Caravello adds more to the despondency of the track, it's an animated short where the rules of reality aren't firmly set. Blocks and faces float through the air aimlessly while the vocals continue on. The two elements in tandem sweep you off your couch, into another dimension.

Watch the video below, and get your copy of the single right here.