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PREMIERE: Watch Algiers' New Video for "Blood"

The new group on Matador deliver a powerful song and video.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Matador

Algiers is a group on Matador originally from Atlanta that you may not know, and should. Below is the video for their newest track, "Blood," and it's powerful. Dubbed "gospel spook" over at Stereogum, we can't really think of a better way to describe these dudes. This is an intense song, matched with a video that's just as moving. Considering we're in the midst of a ten-part documentary exploring the city's rap scene, this type of music is a bit of a change of pace—but weirdly kind of lines up perfectly? Atlanta is a hot bed for progressive thinking in music, and Algiers fits nicely into that scene. This isn't the type of stuff we're used to hearing that comes out of the city, but that's almost what makes it work. It's is a great example of musicians looking to the past for inspiration, while still somehow feeling right on the beat of the current cultural climate.