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Listen Closely as Brooklyn Heavyweights Primitive Weapons Usher in 'The Future of Death'

Stream the vitriolic new album from these post-hardcore hustlers.

While it sometimes feels like Primitive Weapons narrowly avoids being overshadowed by its members' extracurricular activities, the band itself has carved out big, angular niche for itself in Brooklyn's overflowing heavy music community. Sure, the four dudes behind the band own bars, run magazines, and play in other bands, but when they shift into Primitive Weapons mode, it's on. Their take on hardcore definitely falls into the post- camp (Refused ia a big touchpoint in the press materials), but thanks to the metallic crunch that holds it all together, we're hearing a lot more Cursed coursing beneath the melodies and strangled vocals.

The band's latest album, The Future of Death, is out April 15th via Party Smasher Inc. Their record release show with Pallbearer and Sannhet (which doubles as a five-year anniversary bash for Saint Vitus, the bar co-owned by Primitive Weapons' David Castillo and Arthur Shepherd) is already sold out, but the band has just announced a second release party on April 22, so you're covered—and word is there will even be a Primitive Weapons burger available at that one!

For now, stay hungry, and get stoked for The Future of Death.