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Grimes Surprised Coachella This Year By Bringing Out Janelle Monae and Aristophanes During Her Set

'Art Angels' biggest tracks got a righteous treatment at 'Chella.

With the release of her 2016 record Art Angels, Grimes seems to be poised to take over the whole world with her music. At last night's Coachella, she wanted to prove this, and delivered a solid 45 minute set weaving in slappers from her smash records Visions and Art Angels. But lucky for us, she didn't come alone. Throughout her set she was joined by none other than android R&B firestarter Janelle Monae to perform the super dancey, excited "Venus Fly." Later on in the set, Grimes was also joined by Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes for their track "SCREAM" amongst others. It's a set with all the main players you could want or need in a crusher of a big-stage Grimes performance.


GRIMES on COACHELLA April 16.2016 from seli8 on Vimeo.