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PREMIERE: "The Wind" by Doe Paoro ft. Adam Rhodes

While Hurricane Sandy raged outside Doe Paoro retreated behind closed doors and wrote this. Then Bon Iver produced it.

Damn Doe Paoro spins a kind of magic with her music. We've been repping her corner for a couple years now and today she dazzles in this collaboration with pal Adam Rhodes. So nice to hear her voice working with a dude's. Written while Hurricane Sandy raged outside, with its hypnotic piano line, muted beats, and effects that sound like the devil's scratching at your door, "The Wind" makes for a meditative, haunting piece of music.

Of the song's moment of genesis the Brooklyn-based singer recalls: “Everything was shut down and it was this really end of days vibe. Everyone was collectively stranded by the elements in this weird no man’s land. I became captivated by what I was hearing and came up with this idea of the wind. I was mystified by the power of nature and I feel like that curiosity is in the song.”

Let this song warm you up from the memory of that hurricane's chill.

P.S. This tune was produced by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. Zing!