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Get Slugged in the Face Repeatedly with Primitive Weapons' New Video for "The Electric Drama"

Party Smasher Inc. knows how to pick 'em.

You ever go to a show, and the entire crowd is pretty much flatlining? All month you've been waiting for a band to play a show, and you get to the venue and everyone's either on their phone, yammering about their new work account, or staying at the bar the whole night pretending there isn't a band playing. It's the fucking worst, why even show up to something if you're just going to vacantly gaze absolutely nothing instead of watching the band play? If you ever see this kind of stupid-ass behavior, you should act like you're at a Primitive Weapons show and go the fuck off on all the nerds around you.


Primitive Weapons is a hardcore band out of Brooklyn, NY that plays murderous riffs for you to open pits to. In their new video for "The Electric Drama" directed by Zev Deans, the band is playing a ripper of a show at Saint Vitus Bar, all the while a bunch of symbolism pops up on screen reminding you that the pit is a warzone. But the song contains moments of solid singing, and more than anything the band is able to play well-written melodies that stay heavy as fuck without going into dorky territory. The perfect level of kill.

Watch the video below, and check out our pictures of their recent show with Refused right here.