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Dale Crover's Authoritative Drumming Propels Low Flying Hawks' Dreamy, Heavy Debut, 'Kōfuku'

Listen to an unexpectedly pretty new collaboration from members of the Melvins, Mr. Bungle, and Big Business.
February 8, 2016, 4:00pm

Dale Crover gets around, and especially can't resist a supergroup. The longtime Melvins drummer has also moonlighted in Altamont, Men of Porn, Shrinebuilder, and briefly played in a little band called Nirvana, in addition to lending his considerable talents behind the kit to the colorful likes of Fantômas, Acid King, and Hank Williams III. His latest project, Low Flying Hawks, is yet another collaboration, though one that's a little more mysterious than usual. This time, he's drumming alongside session bassist Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle and Melvins renown, and two multi-instrumentalist figures known only as EHA and AAL

Produced by Toshi Kasai (Big Business), Kōfuku marks Low Flying Hawks' debut, and will undoubtedly surprise anyone expecting a Melvins-esque din to greet them upon pressing play. Instead of acidic caterwauling, the vocals are downright dreamy, floating above the gloomy marriage of heavy shoegaze, doomy downstrokes, psyched-out drone, and post-rock bombast. It's a remarkably pretty album, given the noisemongering minds behind its creation; it's heavy without being oppressive, and challenging without making demands. It's the kind of record that simply suggests that you sit back, close your eyes, and let it overwhelm your senses.

Stream Kōfuku in its entirety below, and grab it from Magnetic Eye come February 12 (preorders are live now).