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Monday Just Got So Much Better: Here's Day Wave's New Song "Gone"

Oakland's most promising solo star and general magic maker Jackson Phillips announces a new EP with this lay-back-and-float-on tune.

Aw. Jackson Phillips, the dude behind Day Wave, has such a soft center. Like a Cadbury's Creme Egg. Yum. Today the Oakland based singer dropped "Gone," the first track off his forthcoming second EP,

Hard to Read.

Much like his previous tunes,

"Gone" is a wistful kind of indie-pop—a little pleading, a little resigned, a little chillwave, a lotta heart. It's a year on from

Total Zombie

scoring over a million press repeats on Soundcloud and we're excited to see what this EP (and the rest of the year) has in store for this former member of


and Berklee Music college grad.

Listen to "Gone" above.

Day Wave's Hard to Read EP will be released on 3.4 via Grand Jury.