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Listen to the Imperfect Perfection of Tommy T and the Classical Mishaps

Featuring members from Dribble, Soma Coma and Power, the Melbourne punks present some stupidly good Black Randy and the Metrosquad style fun.
October 1, 2015, 2:37am

You could say that Tommy T is misunderstood. Some hate him. Others are wary of him. Many just don’t get his sense of humour.

But when Texas Tom and his band the Classical Mishaps take the funk/punk/glam of Black Randy and the Metrosquad and the avant garde of Geza X and spew it onto kids wearing Black Flag and Government Warning shirts there is bound to be some confusion and bewilderment.

Like Black Randy, Tommy sings with a buffoonish, drawling, sneering voice. Like Black Randy it rocks. Featuring members of bands related to the Cool Death record family such as Dribble, Soma Coma and Power, the Classical Mishaps at times sound like the Weirdos if they hung out on Collingwood’s Smith Street rather than Huntington Beach.

Take a listen to “Perfection” from the their forth coming debut 7” I Hate Tommy on Cool Death and get munted.

Tommy T and Classical Mishaps playing Maggot Fest IV Oct 31.