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The Wolf's Return: Watch Black Metal God Abbath Keep It Grim in a New Video from His Solo Debut

The blizzard beast is back.

Photo courtesy of Season of Mist

Abbath's had a busy year, what with officially (and acrimoniously) parting ways with his longtime bandmates in Norwegian black metal institution Immortal and striking out on his own to launch a solo career. Joined by his new cohorts, ex-Gorgoroth bassist King ov Hell and new drummer Some Guy in a Monster Mask (a.k.a. Baard Kolstad of Borknagar and God seed), Abbath has already played massive festivals and whipped up quite a bit of interest in his next move. As bizarre as it is to think of Immortal sans Abbath, it's quite a bit less shocking to mull over the idea of what the frontman himself might cook up.

We know he's got a big fat soft spot for rock'n'roll thanks to his side band I and his Motörhead tribute band, Bömbers (which will be appearing at this year's Martyrdoom Fest in Brooklyn come November!), not to mention the decidedly rollicking influence on the past few Immortal albums. A new live video for the track "Fenrir Hunts"—which will appear on Abbath's upcoming debut for Season of Mist—dispels some of the uncertainty, and the only real surprise is is how grim it sounds. "Fenrir Hunts" offers fairly straightforward, blasting black metal that, well, sounds a lot like Immortal.

It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the album stacks up, but for now, dig into "Fenrir Hunts" below.