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Disappoint Your Dad in Cuntz' New Video For "Nah Man"

No room for squares.
September 18, 2015, 4:54pm

Have you ever shown your parents your music or art, knowing they wouldn't get it but doing it anyways? It's important to create that separation between you and those that don't get it, so you're able to strengthen what the fuck you're all about and not have anyone question your thoughts or choices. Which is why the band Cuntz know exactly what to do in their new video for "Nah Man."

Cuntz is a band from Melbourne, Australia that play super dirty and crunchy punk music that will piss off any nerd in your life. Their new record Force The Zone is sure to give all the best weirdo noise-punk you can handle in the span of one album. The video directed by Rhys Mitchell features the band playing their hearts out in a big room filled with a bunch of adults who are not having a good time whatsoever. Hopefully it's a group of disappointed parents, wishing their kids had turned to finance or business instead of making super loud, in your face punk music. It might give the feel of second-hand embarrassment, however Cuntz don't really give a fuck what they're judging or thinking either. "Nah Man" is hyper aggressive, and is the best choice in a track to really annoy the squares around you who don't get it.

Watch the video below, and pre-order the record right here.