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A New Avalanches Video Just Leaked on Reddit and You Need to Watch It Now

Try and spot the amazing number of TV and film references in The Avalanches new short film 'The World of Wildflower.'

Image: Vimeo

The Warriors, Beat Street, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Beavis & Butthead, and the Seinfeld 'Subway' episode are some of the film and television references that are found in a mind bending short film for The Avalanches’ ‘Wildflower’ that has appeared on Reddit. Posted by a mysterious user prettywifi4afly with the title The World of Wildflower, the pastiche of creatively edited movies and television programs is said to be a collaboration between The Avalanches and NYC-via-Sydney art collective SODA_JERK.

Featuring Daria, The Big Lebowski, and Taxi Driver, amongst many more, it would take four to five views to get the full scope of the amazing editing that is soundtracked by songs "Subways," "Frankie Sinatra," "Colours," and "The Wozard of Iz."

We don’t know how long it’s going to stay up but we recommend you watch it stat. Also be sure to check the list of films/shows referenced at the end. The video is also available as a download at Vimeo, but get in quick.

'Wildflower' is officially released this Friday July 6. Read a 16-year-old kids review of the album here.