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Insult 2 Injury: 8/8 Special Rubberband Man Edition

In which we assure you, the reader, that we don't want No Mediocre.
August 8, 2014, 9:28pm

Welcome to Insult to Injury. This is where we, the Noisey editors, get together and talk about how dope T.I. is, and sometimes music in general too! T.I. is SO dope. It was nice to Bring Em Out to the Noisey offices for an interview today because we know the Rubberband Man will get some Big Shit Poppin' ASAP, Wit Me? No? It's cool. Just be Ready for Whatever, and Live Your Life til you Dead and Gone.

Annihilation Time, Live in NYC 2007

Annihilation Time was the sickest. The perfect mix of Thin Lizzy style dual leads, early Black Flag and an unhinged frontman, the band still comes up in conversations to this day. Most of the band continued on as Lecherous Gaze, but there was something about Annhilation Time… the best. Check out a live show from 2007 that VICE recorded in full. Total insanity.


Fred Pessaro, Noisey, Editor-in-Chief

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Warren G - "This D.J."

This week I flew to California to interview Warren G. I drove down to Long Beach and stood on the cross streets of 21st and Lewis—famously photographed on the cover of his debut album Regulate… G Funk Era—while his boys hung out behind us drinking beer and smoking pot, and locals cruised by shouting their hellos. It was pretty sweet. "This D.J." is my favorite Warren G track. I love the way he says, "I hops on my Schwiiiiiinnnnn." So summer. Also the video is pretty LOLs. Nice green screen work guys.

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor

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Recycle Culture - In Transit II

Confession: I've never been the kind of person who can write well while listening to music. I've always envied people that can work with 2 Chainz or Ty Segall or whoever blasting in their ears. But this week I finally found something that makes me feel like I can change that: Recycle Culture's

In Transit II

. It's blissed-out, pretty, and has saxophones and some of the twinkliest piano notes I've heard. It's pretty much what zen sounds like– or a much cooler version of whatever they're playing at your neighborhood spa.

Marissa G. Muller, Guest Editor

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TI feat. Young Thug - "About the Money"

In case you didn't catch us

losing our shit

over Young Thug and T.I.'s performance on "The Tonight Show" earlier today, we lost our shit over it. And obviously we did because not Young Thug has the voice of an angel and the magnetism of the hot, burning core of our planet. Is there any better way for a song to start than Young Thug's clipped voice saying "busting out the bando!"? Is there a better boast about weed than "smoking more weed than a guy in LA"? I don't literally mean this because this is a horrible thing to say and very darkly ironic, but the melody of Thugger singing "I shine like the reverend/I shoot at the reverend" is sort of religious. Plus, this is a T.I. song! And T.I. is one of my absolute favorite rappers of all time. He is still a really good rapper. The intensity of his rapping about sending bullets through the car door gives me chills. And he is a super nice guy, or


so I hear ;)

What you think we in the neighborhood for?

Kyle Kramer, Guest Editor

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TI - "What You Know"

This is the best song of all time and if you don't realize it then you're just not that tight.

Drew Millard, Features Editor

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Lil Wayne feat. Drake - "Grindin'"

Well, I was going to write about a T.I. song because T.I. is really sweet—as evidenced by the blurbs from both Kyle and Drew—but then Lil Wayne decided to drop a new song called "Grindin'" featuring Drake, which always warrants some sort of pause because god damn it's a new Lil Wayne song featuring Drake. I've already listened to it six times and it just released, so I'll be floating on this throughout the weekend. It's Friday. It's a beautiful day. Lil Wayne is awesome. Drake is awesome. The weekend is awesome. Life is awesome.

Eric Sundermann, Managing Editor
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Hunnid Fiddy Milly - New Wave Order
I was going to write a big long thing about how I haven’t been able to stop listening to PartyNextDoor’s new album, but then someone sent me this song and now I’m like "Jahron who?” (just kidding because I’ll still listen to that tape like a zillion times this weekend). Not only does the beat sound like it’s “Trophies” on steroids, but I think we might have a Canadian version of Migos on our hands? I don’t know much about New Wave Order, nor will I care to find out, as I’m perfectly content with listening to nothing but “Hunnid Fiddy Milly” from them for the rest of my life.

Slava Pastuk, Canadian Editor
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