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Bichkraft’s Home Studio Set Up Sounds Like a Dystopian Air B&B Listing

Watch 'Stain of Rest' the new video from the Ukrainian post-punkers.

The presser for Bichkraft’s new album Shadoof, mentions that the Ukrainian four-piece recorded in a home built studio on a debris strewn lot in the hilly Roshinskiy neighborhood of Kiev. Surrounded by “piles of broken classical LPs, discarded winter coats and Soviet-era refrigerators” the post-apocalyptic Air B&B type listing sounds as cold and stark as their music.

Dima Novichenko, Jenia Bichowski, Serzh Kupriychuk, and Jenia Machina - make music that has been compared to Spacemen 3, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Big Black and Total Control. The video for the psychedelic shoegaze on “Stain of Rest” even looks like the blurry static of J&MC’s Darklands album cover.

‘Shadoof’ is available now from Wharf Cat records.