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Check the Glam New Miss Destiny Video for “The One”

The Melbourne four piece swap the snarl for the sass.
October 9, 2014, 11:49pm

Ok so it’s a known fact that Miss Destiny are tough. We’ve described them as “bleached, babin’ and bad news” but the video for the rollicking “The One” has the Melbourne four piece getting their glam on.

The video for the b-side of the ‘House of Wax’ 7” released on Chicago label Hozac, is based on YSL's 2014 winter collection it’s all smoke machine, slo-mo shots, ferns and mirrors.

Directed shot and edited by Andrew Gove with creative direction from the band’s drummer Brett Bevege it features sultry dancing and if you look closely, guitarist Harriet Stewart and bassist Annie Llewellyn wearing the exact same outfits, one black, the other white. McCartney and Richie. Ebony and ivory, baby.

Miss Desting launch the 'House of Wax' 7” in Melbourne tonight at the John Curtin with Constant Mongrel, Jonny Telafone and Power.