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Quit Making Excuses and Watch The Raveonettes' New Video 'Excuses'

The scuzzed-out track is the third installment of the prolific Danish duo's monthly "Rave-Sound-of-the-Month" series.

Photo courtesy The Raveonettes

Bands can either burn out, fade away, or be The Raveonettes. The Danish duo, who are now based out of LA, have continued to regularly churn out consistently great new material since forming 15 years ago.

This year, the garage-gaze outfit is departing from their typical album and EP format in favor of what they've dubbed the "Rave-Sound-of-the-Month" series, releasing a new single on the last Friday of each month until December, when the "anti-album," of sorts, will come together as a full record.


Following the first two track, "Run Mascara Run" and "The World Is Empty (Without You)," we're pleased to premiere March's single and accompanying video, "Excuses." The track departs from the new wave sheen of last month's "The World Is Empty (Without You)," in favor of a pop/R&B feel girded by their trademark scuzz.

"I love piecing things together, it’s so inspiring working on bits and pieces and make them happen together in a beautiful way," says singer-guitarist Sune Rose Wagner. "'Excuses' is a great example of that, helps my ADD. Furthermore, being surrounded by creative, inspiring, mad people is so crucial to anything in life, really, but when you encounter the opposite, it’s so sad and a major drag to say the least. 'Excuses' is kinda about that."

The band also launched a new Pledge Music Campaign where fans can pledge for items like vinyl copies of the forthcoming new album and more.

Watch the video premiere of The Raveonettes' "Excuses" below:

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