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Listen to Compton Rapper Hitta J3's New Song "Full Fledge," Featuring RJ

Hitta J3 is part of a scene of Compton rappers making authentic and modern West Coast street rap, and his latest song is fire.

We've been filming a lot in hip-hop's West Coast home, the center of LA rap, Compton, over the last year. In that time we've come across a lot of new artists that we like and are collaborating with on various projects. People like Earl Swavey, Lil L, Jay Worthy, Boogie, Flirt, the producer Larry J, and this guy, Hitta J3, are making truly authentic modern West Coast street rap that's starting to get some traction. You can hear some of these cats on this compilation, and maybe you've come across Hitta J3's breakout hit "Do Yo Gudda." Hitta J3 is a key part of the local scene right now, and his new single, "Full Fledge," featuring RJ, just dropped. It's fire, on Ps. Check it out below:


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