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Watch Lionel Richie Get Curved By Adele

Lionel Richie: Hello? Adele: Nah.

Adele's video for her comeback single "Hello" dropped in the wee hours of the morning today, snatching our collective heartstrings like a thief in the night. [Insert 1,000 cryface emoji]. In the video, she's visiting a house she used to share with an old boyfriend and suffering thru the memories. You'll cry. It's fucking Adele. Anyways, remember that other big, sad song called "Hello"? With Lionel Richie courting the blind girl who magically sculpts a perfect Lionel head sight unseen? Because the internet is magic, someone mashed up the two "Hello" videos. It's foolish but also genius. (Why does Adele carry a burner phone? Is that how she stays off the grid for so long? Is she paying homage to The Wire? Shouts out her video's co-star Tristan "Mack" Wilds, AKA Michael from said Wire.) Take a quick break from the waterworks below.