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Scene Kids! This Dipshit in a Headdress Will Teach You to Sing "Hotline Bling" in Ten Garbage Genres

Emo, post-emo, metalcore, deathcore—he does it all!

Do you like that "Hotline Bling" song but feel that, much like your parents and society at large, Drake doesn't quite get you? Do you remember when your ex used to call you on your cell phone but now can't anymore because you got grounded and your parents took it away? Well, boy do we have good news for you, despite the fact that, yes, we know, you would prefer not to experience joy right now.

Social Repose, a self-identified electronic dance pop act from Washington, DC, a guy who dresses like a goth anime character in a headdress/Edward Scissorhands visiting Comic Con in his best Chief Dipshit the Armored Sci-Fi Butterfly costume, has a video in which he offers ten renditions of "Hotline Bling" in such beloved performance styles as Emo, Post-Emo, Scenecore, Metalcore, Blues Rock (not really sure why that one's in there, actually), Nu-Metal, Pop Punk, etc. It's hilariously spot-on, made more hilarious by the fact that our guy is dressed like a fucking idiot and by the fact that, well, Drake is obviously post-emo as hell.

It's so good you're about to be texting your friends like:

Haha. But seriously, watch it below, and if you want to do your own rendition, check out Social Repose's handy YouTube tutorial on screaming, in which Richie, still wearing his facepaint and headdress for some reason, kicks back to offers tips, tricks, and a few laughs. And if you're digging the tunes, check out his latest video, in which he burns that headdress and, like, does some symbolism, in what is a clear woodland homage to another of the year's best rap videos, Young Thug's "Best Friend."