Being Human and Being in Love Sucks in Wake Island's 'Kinect'-Rendered Video "Never Entirely There"

The Montreal band uses 3D imagery to capture love in a new way.
May 4, 2016, 2:00pm

Screengrab via Vimeo

Montreal-based electronic band Wake Island know that technology can sour relationships, but it can help strengthen them, too. Their video for "Never Entirely There" combines modern digital technology with traditional aspects of being human. Combining footage from a Microsoft Kinect and a video camera, the band's video uses the forgotten technology and creates a beautiful 3D imagery of couples embracing in a Tron-like dimension as they bend in and out of the pixelized soundscape.

"The song is about realizing what needs to be done and what your limitations are, and then going for it head-on. But this cannot be done alone. That’s the best part of it. We always have each other, 'we’re on the same boat'", the band explains. "We never really arrive at our destination, but the journey is what it’s all about." Watch the video below.

Look out for Wake Island when they go on tour starting this week with more dates in Beirut TBA for June:

May 6th - Toronto @Burdock (CMW)
May 7th - Toronto @Handlebar (CMW)
May 13th: Wrexham @The UndegUn (Focus Wales) *
May 17th: London @The Water Rats (Canadian Blast Showcase) *
May 20th: Brighton @The Green Door (The Great Escape) *
May 25th: London @Queen of Hoxton *^
May 29th: Liverpool @Cargo Stage (Liverpool Sound City) *^
May 31st: Manchester @The Soup Kitchen *^
June 3rd: Berlin @Acud ( "The Night Before" Torstraßen Festival) *
June 7th: Leeuwarden @Neushoorn
June 8th: Groningen @De Gym

* POP Off Europe with L.A. FOSTER
*^ POP Off Europe with L.A. FOSTER and Foxtrott

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