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Pikelet’s New Video Features Animated 3D Selfies and Glitchy Digital Art

Melbourne songwriter Pikelet returns with “weirder pop than ever before”.

Pikelet’s Evelyn Morris has been keeping busy since the release of 2013 album Calluses. In 2014 the Melbourne based synth musician started LISTEN, the online music discourse project that aims to document gender diversity in Australian music and now operates its own feminist record label. But now Pikelet is back with what Morris tells NOISEY will be “weirder pop than ever before.”

This glitch laden digital video for “The Neighbour’s Grass” is directed by Ece Yavuz. It includes Evelyn’s face animated into a floating 3D disembodied head that bounces eerily around the screen.

“I interpret Ece’s read of the song to be about body dysphoria and I guess I see some anxiety in it also. The song for me was about gender dysphoria at first and also some anger related to feminist activities I've been engaged with. So I felt her clip accurately portrayed the feeling of the song,” Morris, who identifies as gender non-binary, says.

“The Neighbour’s Grass” is the first single from Pikelet’s upcoming Chapter Music release Tronc. While the last Pikelet album saw Morris collaborate with three other musicians, Tronc will be a triumphant return to Pikelet’s solo project loop pedal roots. “I have some friends playing live with me for the next few shows and for the launch but the recording is all my own performances other than that bass part.”

'Tronc' will be released by Chapter Music on May 1, via cassette and digital. You can pre-order it online now. Get along to the launch on May 21 at Melbourne’s Hugs & Kisses, and catch performances from Pikelet, Ninetynine and Suss Cunts.