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PREMIERE: Herder's New Album 'Fergean' Is a New High for Dutch Doom

Herder is still harder.

For the past six years, Groningen's Herder has held a special place amidst the small but potent crew of Dutch extreme metal bands that keep the country's scene afloat between festivals. Of course, they've played Roadburn (as well as a clutch of other European fests) but Herder has also made their bones on the road, touring with the likes of Doomriders and Beastmilk and infecting the European continent with their infectious, sludgy, rock'n'roll-tinged doom.

The band's latest album, Fergean, marks their fourth full-length since 2011's infamous Herder Is Harder demo, and is definitely their most cohesive effort to date. Titanic grooves and paranoid melodies elevate the sludge and spice up the doom; they list Eyehategod and Sleep as major influences, bu there's a heady dash of Neurosis in there, too, and Herder tie it all together in a novel way.


Listen to Fergean in its lumbering entirety below:

Fergean is out now on Dutch label Reflections Records, so you know what to do.

The band also recently released a really cool (and deeply strange) new video for the track "All Is Lost" that you can check out here.