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Intensely Prolific Punk Musician Brandon Ferrell Has Passed Away

RIP to one of the best punk musicians of a generation.

Image: Encyclopaedia Metallum

Municipal Waste, Direct Control, Wasted Time, Government Warning, and Career Suicide are some of the best and most important punk bands of the last 15 years. All of them at one time featured the talents of Brandon Ferrell.

Sadly, the intensely prolific hardcore punk and metal performer has passed away. His cause of death is not yet known.

As well as running the Richmond, Virigina based No Way Records label who released classic records by Government Warning, Chronic Sick, and Impalers, Brandon played in some of the great punk and metal bands of his generation including Government Warning, Direct Control, Double Negative, Municipal Waste, Career Suicide, and Reason of Insanity.


News of his death was posted on Municipal Waste’s Facebook account.

“We are confused and heart broken right now. Thank you Brandon Ferrell for everything you have contributed to this band not only musically but as a friend and brother” the post said.

Ferrell is survived by his wife Lauren and their two children.

RIP to one of the best punk musicians of a generation.