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YG Has Released the Very Bool, Very Brazy Title Track From His Upcoming Record

Obviously, this shit is very, very brazy.
June 3, 2016, 9:27am

Ever since YG released his instant blassic of a record My Krazy Life in 2014, there have been high expectations for its follow-up. That record - which delivered detailed story-telling over DJ Mustard's fresh, new sound for West Coast rap that popped as much in the club as it did in the streets - felt suspiciously like it could have been a real flash in the pan moment. Could it be improved upon, or would that be impossible? What direction would YG take on his new release? Or would he resolve to bicken back, being bool, and never release another full-length again? Lightning, of course, rarely strikes the earth twice.


Last July we had our answer, as YG's first offering since My Krazy Life, the Terrace Martin produced "Twist My Fingaz", strolled into view. Formed from the bubbling exhaust fumes of a low-rider blasting out 90's inspired g-funk, the track laid the bold yet difficult to argue against claim that YG is the "only one to make it out of the West without Dre". In turn, it solidified his rise forward as one of the pillar's of modern day West Coast rap and silenced any wary doubts that'd been lingering in the aftermath of My Krazy Life. The king was here; a new album was coming to bless the world; everything was bool.

Since then, YG has released the gloriously titled "Fuck Donald Trump" with Nipsey Hussle and a collaboration with Drake and Kamiyah called "Why You Always Hatin'". He's also announced a new album Still Brazy, due for release on June 17. Today he dropped the title track from that record, which you can listen to below. Obviously, this shit is very, very brazy.