This story is over 5 years old.

Here's the First Spin of Frances's EP 'Grow'

This 21-year-old English singer delivers moving pop balladry that belies her years.

It's been a year since we heard from Frances. Back then the British singer was getting some buzz via Kistuné and we premiered her first track "Fire May Save You." Very Florence meets Ellie if they were feeling extremely chill. Fast-forward 18 months and now we've got the first spin of her EP, Grow, which comes out on 7.10 via Communion Records. The title track has already made its way into the world, a very parsed back piano and vox affair, and it's in this arena which the 21-year-old excels—no bells and whistles, just very classic pop songwriting (peep "A Million Lines" for evidence). That being said her very cool collabo with Ritual—think downtempo R&B vibes—demonstrates her range. Listen and recline.