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PREMIERE: Hear "Chicken n Dump," the Crushing Opener from the Long Lost Mike and the Melvins Album

The Melvins and GodheadSilo bassist Mike Kunka's 1999 collaborative album is finally getting a proper release.

"Chicken n Dump" is a new song from the Mike and the Melvins, but technically it's new only to us. The legendary Northwestern sludge metal trio hooked up with noise rock bassist Mike Kunka as his band GodheadSilo embarked on what would become a permanent hiatus in 1998, eventually recording a bundle of songs their label agreed to release that, mysteriously, would never see the light of day. Just as confusingly as the album died, it was reborn last year, when Kunka and the Melvins reconvened to put the finishing touches on the thing.


The album's called Three Men and a Baby, and it's out April 1 on Sub Pop. (No April Fools!) "Chicken n Dump" delivers on the promise of the Kunka/Melvins pairing, fixing Mike's hellacious, chugging low end to Buzz Osborne and the boys' thick racket, banging out a riff as joyous and as it is punishing. "'Chicken n Dump' is quite possibly the best name I've ever heard for a song," Osborne says of the new cut. "With a title like that the song HAS to be good." Kunka explains a little more: "I stole the title from a friend (sorry Quitty), my nine-year-old daughter wrote the lyrics, it took 16 years to finish, and it sounds like this."

Stream "Chicken n Dump" and check out the Three Men and a Baby tracklist below.

Three Men and a Baby

1. Chicken n Dump

2. Limited Teeth

3. Bummer Conversation

4. Annalisa

5. A Dead Pile of Worthless Junk

6. Read the Label (It’s Chilli)

7. Dead Canaries

8. Pound the Giants

9. A Friend in Need is a Friend You Don’t Need

10. Lifestyle Hammer

11. Gravel

12. Art School Fight Song

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