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Listen to Ed Sheeran Cover Jai Paul in this Rockie Fresh Song

Goddamn it, Jai Paul. Where are you?!

Photo via Instagram

Well, fellow Jai Paul compatriots it’s come to this. We’ve now reached that sad point in any obscure artist's career where their songs become reduced to sample/cover territory, as evidenced by the new Ed Sheeran-featured Rockie Fresh track “Are You With Me?” This isn’t the first time the electro-R&B specialist has been used as a sample: Look no further than the traces of Paul's "BTSTU" on Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy” or Beyonce’s “End of Time.” However, there is something slightly perturbing about Ed Sheeran's cover of “Jasmine” and how clean his vocals sound in comparison to the distorted original.

Fucking love this jai Paul tune

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) June 6, 2011

One supposes this could be a good thing for Mr. Paul. Maybe he'll tire of hearing Ben Khan imitate his sound and hearing people cover his tunes that he'll finally be inspired to finally drop a new single. Or hell, maybe an album? 2016 just started, there’s hope. Probably not though, because he's too busy doing something else that is important. And maybe we're just salty fans who are tired of convincing people to listen to an unfinished album with no track titles on it. Sorry, Sheeran. The rest of you enjoy this and Rockie Fresh’s impressive new mixtape The Night I Went To…