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Dye Your Life in Soda's New Video for "New Trash"

Flowers, ice cream, and punk.

Isn't it the best when a band name totally encapsulates what they sound like? The Gainsville band Soda is exactly like that; infectious and fun punk, with an acidic kick that will definitely destroy your teeth. The band is premiering their new video for "New Trash," off of their upcoming record Without a Head. The video, directed by Kate Shults, has the trio eating ice cream and hanging out in a field of flowers and daisies, shifting into the band playing a show in a similarly colorful space. Both singers bleed their vocals through each other, creating another thick layer of sludge over the rest of the track.The song is intense, blending together grooves as well as harder, more abrasive elements. The band doesn't fuck around; it delivers noisy punk you can get weird to.