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Goon Sax's Video for 'Boyfriend' Features Teen Crushes and Bags of Cheap Wine

What comes first: crushing and aching longing or four-liter bags of 12 dollar Riesling?

This article originally appeared on Noisey Australia.

In the parlance of Australian suburbia, goon is cheap, boxed wine that comes in a plastic ‘goon’ bag. Even by Australian standards it’s not considered the most sophisticated of beverages. But young Brisbane newcomers Goon Sax seem to have no problem with goon; they named themselves after the four-liter bags of wine, and they feature in their new video for “Boyfriend.”


Fresh from high school, Louis Forster—son of the always debonair Robert Forster of Aussie pop legends the Go-Betweens—James Harrison, and Riley Jones create pop music in the vein of the Pastels, the Apartments, and early Housemartins.

Their video for “Boyfriend” drips with a self-deprecating but self-aware cool. “I need a boyfriend / Or just anything real” sings Forster deadpanly before pouring cups of tea and cutting hair.

Harrison says that the track was the third the band wrote from their forthcoming Up To Anything that's to be released on Melbourne label Chapter Music.

“It was written in ten minutes in Louis' bedroom in March 2014. Two years later we've made a video for it! The video was shot on a Tuesday night at a university studio in Brisbane, with the help of camera wizard Alfie Brimblecombe, who also features as the boyfriend. The idea for the video was fuelled by Louis' lifelong dream to perform on Top Of The Pops. Although you may not see it, the video features last minute haircuts, costume changes, November heat, accidental color co-ordination and failed attempts to make things float with helium. The result is a literal depiction of the lyrics paired with white studio sheen.”

'Up to Anything' will be relesed in 2016 on Chapter Music.