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Cut Loose and Watch Video Age's Vid for "Dance Square"

"Don’t be afraid to embrace your imperfections and show how uniquely beautiful you are…" Word.

True story: One day this past weekend I woke up super early and decided to go for a walk on the deserted beach on my friend's doorstep. No one was awake yet so I was just strollin' and listening to music in my headphones and then I became spontaneously OVERCOME with the power of music and started to dance. I danced all over the sand, I danced to the water's edge, I danced into the waves. I danced like an idiot for about an hour and there was no one around. Then I swiveled on my heel, all sweaty to head back to the house, only to see Sarah Jessica Parker (who happens to live next door!) sitting on her steps. She definitely saw me cavorting like a maniac, pretending I was in my own music video. But hey! When the spirit moves you…


Which brings us to Video Age's Video for "Dance Square." This dude is cutting some rug solo like Bacon in Footloose, wiggling his ass like he loves it. I wanna throw down with guy. Sonically the New Orleans duo's tune definitely sounds like a hidden hit from the 80s: canned beats, bouncy synths, and distorted vocals—Ross Farbe and Ray Micarelli making delicious grooves. "'Dance Square' is a song about cutting loose," the pair explain. "Don’t be afraid to embrace your imperfections and show how uniquely beautiful you are. Nobody’s perfect, everyone’s square." Additionally director Harry Bartle had this to say: "The 'Dance Square' video started when the members of Video Age spotted Tyler getting down at my birthday party earlier this year. This piece was a chance to explore an unusual space with Tyler, and experiment with the intersection of a provoking location and the tone of Video Age's music."

Party on, lose yourself, let's go.

"Dance Square" comes from their debut LP Living Alone due out 7.29 on Inflated Records.