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Sex O'Clock Special: Watch Govales's Very NSFW "All In" Video and Stream His New Project 'G-Spot'

Sex is not a but rather the major theme in Govales's music, which might be obvious based on the fact that his debut project is called 'G Spot.'

Still from "All In," screenshot via YouTube

What is there to do in Delaware (besides incorporate a credit card company for tax reasons) you might ask? Well, in addition to contributing to a booming agricultural sector, the answer is, more or less: not much. But leave people to their own devices, and, sooner or later, one thing is pretty much bound to happen: They'll start fucking. There will be sex. And, if Delaware singer Govales is any indication, sex is going on big time in his home state.


Sex is not a but rather the major theme in Govales's music, which might be obvious based on the fact that his debut project is called G Spot. Maybe you assumed, like me, that he was making a pun on his name more casually, but, rest assured, dude is putting his money where his mouth is. And his mouth is everywhere. This music really, uh, goes in.

Anyway, G Spot is music that is pointedly and fixedly about sex. There is a lot of fucking going on here, lyrically, and the vibe of the music is set to match, all gauzy synths and wispy vocals that float around like the audio version of flickering candles and slide over the beat like aural essential oils. I don't know, man. One song has a hook that goes "feel your legs soaking wet / chakras so in line." There's literally a dialogue with Govales's "muse and girlfriend" Chewii about what the "ultimate orgasm" means ("connecting spiritually, mentally, emotionally, it's finding someone who really pays attention to your needs"). The point is: Sex. Chewii also features prominently in the extremely NSFW video for the project's breakout single "All In," produced by Kaytranada, which is intimate to the point of being uncomfortable to watch and which we're premiering below, along with the entire project.

"We wanted to create something that made the viewer actually truly FEEEEL the energy and passion that comes from a genuine connection of two people being together," Govales explained over email. He also noted, "When making love to my woman, feeling and watching her climax is the ultimate pleasure and my primary goal before I get mine. It really had never dawned on me how many women were truly being denied that satisfaction… I want to inspire men to pleasure and connect to their women better. I want to inspire women to pursue greater sexual satisfaction and connection and not accept lackluster loving."


This kind of talk may seem a bit over-the-top and might verge a little far into new-agey sex platitudes, but it becomes less eyeroll-worthy because the music delivers on the promise. This is sexy shit with pop appeal, particularly the more upbeat numbers like "All In" and (the "Superman" by Five Fighting-interpolating?) "Back It Up," which should lay waste to half-measure versions of this type of hazy digital era sex jam. Put Bryson Tiller on red alert. People are about to fuck.

You probably will feel weird listening to this music if you're, like, driving around with your friends. But if you need to get in the mood, get ready for the ride of your life. Listen to G Spot below, and be forewarned that birth rates might be skyrocketing come fall:

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