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Turn Up for Twin Shadow's New Song, "Turn Me Up"

Turn up!

Turn up! It's new Twin Shadow! And it's kind of amazing. If you were ever all gee, I like it when Twin Shadow does great post punk and dabbles in Springsteen-style stadium rock but would also enjoy him to explore the goth side of the 80s, well, you are in luck. "Turn Me Up" is kind of a synthetic turn for Twin Shadow—there are drum machines and synths and some of the guitars are just buzzsaws of noise, and the whole thing is just sort of a lovely drift of sound. There's no word on whether this is from a new album, although it is tagged #warner and #bros on Soundcloud, and his next album is coming out on Warner Bros. But then again, maybe he just has a bunch of bros named Warner. I know I do! Here's the statement he offered on Soundcloud, which is very poignant:


I think it's important to let people take what they need from songs instead of explaining too much about what they mean for me personally. But my friends keep asking, 'Turn me up', what's that mean? I keep saying, Take more from me. Ask more of me. Give me more back. Stop fighting against the things you want the most.

same. Listen to "Turn Me Up" below and, well, turn it up:

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