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Stream DC Hardcore Band Nuclear Age's 'The Distinct Sounds of...' EP

From the same scene that brought you Pure Disgust, Protestor, and Give, stream the fury in full courtesy of React! Records.
September 11, 2015, 4:48pm

Anyone who has been paying attention to the current state of the U.S Hardcore scene knows Washington D.C is currently ruling the roost of our nation with an ever growing list of bands including Give, Protester, Pure Disgust, Stand Off, Javla and way too many others. Somewhere in that dizzying array of bands from our nations’ capital, you’ll find Nuclear Age primed and ready to pounce with all the potent candor of a rabid, varsity jacket donning wilder beast.


If you want proof, look no further than the bands’ seven inch EP titled The Distinct Sounds of… just released by the always on-point React! Records. Throughout the duration of the record, Nuclear Age exhibit the exuberant energy of many of the Youth Crew bands that littered America throughout the late 80’s while preserving the unhinged ferocity of bands from their stomping grounds in the early 80’s such as The Faith or Artificial Peace.

Stream the entire six songs that make up the E.P. below and try to maintain a mosh whilst working your laptop to order the hard copy evidence of their fury via the React! Records web presence. Good luck, chief!