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Here Are Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's Wedding Invitations

At least we think they are. (UPDATE: Eh, maybe not)

At least we think they are. An hour ago, an anonymous tipster sent us an email with a link to a Tumblr run by a guy who works at a small print shop in Belleville, Ontario. The printer this was assigned to realized he was holding onto pure gold, and decided to leak them online through a private Tumblr. He hasn't given his name because, as he says on the Tumblr page:

We'd link you to this Tumblr, but that would reveal the location of their wedding, and we aren't paparazzi. We've also blurred out the address on the copies we've received. But just know that we know where this wedding is. And we're going.


We're not 100% sure as to the total veracity of these invitations. But we did place a call to the venue that the reception is purported to be held, and the manager confirmed that Lavigne frequents the club. And besides, why would you fake Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's wedding invitations?

Anyways, see the blown up images of the invitations to the Canadian Royal Wedding below:

[UPDATE: It looks like this might be a hoax. A Nickelback fan twitter account pointed out to us that Avril Lavigne is performing in Chicago on the same day as her alleged wedding at something called the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash. But this raises a larger question—who would care enough to make fake Avril Lavigne wedding invitations and then leak them in this way? Answer: bored people.]