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Hit Some Licks on the Links in the New Video from Keith Jenkins AKA Stunnaman of the Pack

Welcome to your new favorite rap video.

The Pack is the rarest, most legendary group to ever exist. This is incontrovertible, scientific fact. Lil B, Young L, Lil Uno, and Stunnaman accomplished great things together before breaking off onto their own, like four eagles flying to separate mountains to start their kingdoms. While Lil B might be the most visible Pack member working, Uno, Young L and Stunnaman are no slouches themselves. Stunnaman, now known as Keith Jenkins, just dropped this ace video for "Quinoa," which features the chorus, "On that quinoa, what the fuck is rice?" When you're kicking it on a golf course in all white with a face-enveloping, hater-blocking visor looking like a young V. Stiviano, popping champagne on a yacht, and lording over a raquetball court with two kids who look like miniature versions of you, it's a valid question.