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Njomza Is Back With a Stunning New Song "Hold On"

An incredible re-introduction to the singer/songwriter.

Last April, Chicago singer/songwriter Njomza released her Gold Lion mixtape to the world, complete with heavy production from THEMpeople as well as Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller). There's something undeniably sexy and sultry about Njomza's vocals; they're breathy, powerful, and soft all in one. Today, Mac Miller's REMember Music presents her latest track, "Hold On," a flip of Drake's hit produced by California based Lyfe Harris as part of the REMember Whensdays campaign.


There's been a plethora of "Hold On" covers but this is different; Njomza reworks the production thanks to Lyfe with a soft looped sample of Drake's vocals and tells her own story of the reprecussions distance has on a relationship, but still wanting to be with that person everyday. It's a stunning re-introduction to Njomza:

We're looking forward to hearing more from Njomza who is planning a 2014 album release, which she and Mac have already recorded a few tracks for.